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The Nerofiore workshop came into being in 2007 and was the vision of Barbara Becarelli who wanted to combine her talent as an artist with her experience of growing up in Tuscany, to create not just a work place, but a way of life.  Barbara, who has loved the Arts from an early age, has developed excellent skills as a watercolourist and as a calligrapher, over many years. Her distinctive style characterised by beautiful landscapesclearly demonstrate her love of the natural world as well as the animal kingdom. It is no accident that Barbara’s work-

shop is situated in the heart of the hills around the beautiful city of Siena, which she shares with her cat called Noir and her dog Fiore (Italian for flower).  It is easy to guess the inspiration for the name of her workshop and her love of fish brought about the choice for the workshop’s logo. To all of this, add an excellent knowledge of a large variety of artistic techniques combined

with old artisan traditions, learnt from infancy, ranging from sewing and embroidery, learnt from her mother, Lidia, to working with wood and iron, learn from her father, Gracco.
From these techniques, beautiful works of art are born which always respect the time and season in which they came into being.